Umbrella Insurance Policies

When You Need Extra Coverage

An Umbrella Insurance policy provides liability coverage over and above what your other insurance policies cover including your homeowners, automobile and/or business insurance. These policies provide extra protection and extra peace of mind for you.

These policies “kick in” when your liability limits have been reached with your standard insurance policies and may also cover items that may be “excluded” from traditional policies. If you want the assurances of extra coverage, this is the type of policy you need.

To get more information about Umbrella Insurance options, call us. We can help you make sure you have all the coverage you want without buying products you don’t need.

Umbrella Policies Protect You

  • Injury Automobile Accidents
  • Personal Injury Accidents at Your Business
  • Personal Injury Accidents at Your Home

If you volunteer in your community and serve on a not-for-profit or non-profit board of directors, or serve a similar function in a religious organization, you should contact us to discuss whether or not you might need an Umbrella Insurance policy to keep you protected from any volunteer-related liability issues.