Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill in Mercer County, Kentucky

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill - America's Largest Restored Shaker Village

Mercer County's county seat of Harrodsburg was the first city to be formally chartered in the Bluegrass State. It was founded by James Harrod in 1774 as Harrod's Town, and was originally the county seat for Lincoln County. It became the county seat for Mercer in 1786 when Mercer County was formed from a portion of Lincoln County and was named for Revolutionary War General Hugh Mercer. Mercer County is part of the Bluegrass Region of the state.

The county is rich with history and includes attractions including Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, the Beaumont Inn, and Old Fort Harrod State Park. Fort Harrod was the first permanent settlement in Kentucky. The county contains a total of 71 entries in the National Register of Historic Places.

Mercer County has a population of just over 21,000 and contains 253 square miles. Mercer County, Kentucky contains the cities, towns and communities of:

  • Bondville
  • Burgin
  • Bushtown
  • Cornishville
  • Duncan
  • Harrodsburg (County Seat)
  • Salvisa

Mercer County, Kentucky is part of the "Quilt Trail" which is a driving trail containing a series of "barn quilts" -- painted quilting squares hung on rural barns -- which includes 43 states in the United States of America and two Canadian provinces. (Download a PDF of Harrodsburg and Mercer County's Quilt Trail Highlights). Visit our blog articles on Kentucky Quilts.

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