Homeowner's insurance for families using a wood stove for heat
Have a Wood Stove? Need Insurance? We’ve Got You Covered!
November 29, 2014
Dave Demaree, insurance professional in Danville KY and wife, Dena.
Insurance in Danville, Kentucky: A Changing of the Guard
January 9, 2015

Of course Blue Moon Insurance Agency will write insurance policies for Boyle County homeowners who use wood heat! We want you to stay warm, but we also want to help you take steps to stay safe when using your wood stove. Here are a few things you should double-check when installing your stove:

  • Use a UL listed Stove free of broken parts or cracks.
  • Place the stove on an approved, non-combustible flooring product (get a UL listed model) which extends a foot on the side where wood is loaded and 4″ minimum on all other sides.
  • Avoid “heat saving” devices on the stove pipe.
  • Stove pipe should be a metal, UL approved (for all fuel) and should end at least 15 inches from the ceiling. It should be less than 10 feet in total length and should not go through a floor or concealed area, but should angle up toward the chimney and enter higher than the stove’s firebox outlet.
  • Thimbles (which allow stovepipes to safely pass through walls) should be a UL listed double-wall ventilated metal version, in good repair, and should be the same size as the stove pipe for a proper fit.
  • Chimney, flue lining and stove pipe should be clean and in good repair and should be inspected and cleaned regularly.


  • Keep combustible materials at least 30 inches from the exterior of your stove (newspapers, curtains, furniture, etc.)
  • Never use an accelerant to start a fire – use only organic materials, kindling or newspaper
  • Use hardwood that has been properly aged to safely burn and heat properly
  • Clean your stove pipe and/or chimney annually
  • Run the stove “wide open” occasionally since burning the logs at a low temperature too often, may cause creosote buildup
  • Never burn household garbage or any treated wood or glued wood
  • Use both a smoke detector and a CO2 detector year-round

If you have any questions about insuring your home when you use wood heat, call Blue Moon Insurance Agency. We can answer all your questions. We want you to keep warm AND safe this winter!

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