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Blue Moon Insurance Agency Sign in Boyle County, Kentucky

Our New Blue Moon Insurance Agency Sign

Blue Moon Insurance Agency Sign in Boyle County, Kentucky

Our New Blue Moon Insurance Agency Sign

I love spring!  Let me repeat…..I LOVE SPRING!

It is a time of anticipation, awakening and new beginnings.  The birds start singing again, perennial flowers start to peek through the soil, the grass here in Kentucky turns the most beautiful shade of green imaginable and the sun shines more often than not.  It’s always a special joy for me to see the flowers, plants and trees we so carefully tended last year and put to bed for the winter start to grow and bloom again!

Last Spring was especially exciting and full of anticipation because the Blue Moon Insurance staff and I realized that we needed to move our business office to better serve our clients.  The obvious choice for the new location was the rear office in the building I already own — and it was only two doors down and still right here on Third Street, so we would still be centrally located and easy to find.  There were some issues and obstacles that we had to overcome before we could physically move but I guess that is part of the adventure!

The Antique Brick Sidewalk

Blue Moon Insurance Antique Brick Walkway

The walkway leading to the office was covered in antique brick, which was pretty but not particularly user-friendly. We wanted to make it easy (and safe!) for our clients to visit our office. So, the first order of business was finding a contractor to remove the brick and pour a new walkway.  That was easier said than done!

It took a few months to actually find someone who had the time to do a small job during prime building season, but once we did it was done very quickly.  Besides having a really pretty, safe walkway the Wilburn Brothers of Danville actually managed to save the antique brick for use in a future project. I’m not sure how we are going to use it, but it’s on a pallet in the barn waiting for its next incarnation.

Moving Day for Blue Moon Insurance

After some minor interior remodeling and paint moving day came on June 30.  The actual move was somewhat eventful (involving disassembling and reassembling desks because they wouldn’t fit through the interior doors). But, thanks to a very well-organized staff, we never stopped serving our clients – even during the move – and by the end of the day we were truly “at home” in our new digs.

How We Made Our Mark — With Signage!

The next challenge was to make sure all of our clients and business associates could find us in our new location.  We needed something to call attention to the entrance to our walkway and we needed signage.

The walkway next to the office building is unique and we wanted to capitalize on that and make it an “experience” if you will.  We installed hanging planters for flowers on the existing light poles to add color. To make the experience complete, we designed an iron gate for the sidewalk entrance to the walkway.  Lewis Metal Works in Salvisa worked with our rough design and tweaked it by adding the “clouds” beside the moon at the top and I think they did an awesome job!

Entrance Gate to Blue Moon Insurance in Boyle County Kentucky

Entrance Gate to Blue Moon Insurance in Boyle County Kentucky

Creative Talent is a Family Thing

I am blessed to have a cousin, Michael Orr of Orr Signs, in Deland, Florida who just happens to be an extremely talented graphic designer and sign maker.  He designed the Blue Moon Insurance logo and wanted to design our sign to take his vision to the next level.  I respect his creative process and knew that he certainly didn’t need much input from me to design a beautiful sign to incorporate into our new iron gate.  I was right!

It took a while, but when the sign was complete it exceeded any expectations I had.  He was so excited to show it to me because he had incorporated a 3-D element on the moon and I couldn’t be more impressed with his talent.  I think it is the most eye-catching sign I’ve ever seen.

The walkway, gate and sign create the experience I wanted for our clients when they come visit the office. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Along Came The Beautification Project

That said, it felt like the moment I had everything complete and could relax and enjoy the results The City of Danville announced that after many, many years of waiting and planning the Third Street Beautification Project was to being in late Fall.  While I was thrilled that the end result of the project would be exactly what the business owners on Third Street have wanted and needed for a long time, I had no idea that the carefully crafted entrance to our office would literally be dismantled and destroyed to install underground utilities.  Yikes!

The project was a mess, presenting us with challenges to physically get into work each day.  The contractors were always  as accommodating as they could be, but there is only so much they could do.  Our clients were very supportive and patient. Thank you! Now that the project is finally finished, we’ve received many compliments on the streetscape results and our entrance.

Spring 2016 – Come See Us!

Entrance to Blue Moon Insurance in Danville KY

Entrance to Blue Moon Insurance in Danville KY

This Spring, we are really enjoying being in our new office and are particularly happy that all the major projects have ended and we can be totally focused on serving our clients.  Thank you to everyone for their kindness and support during the transition, and if you haven’t come by to see our new office, we would like to invite you to do so!

We are located at 141 North Third Street, Suite #5 in Downtown Danville, Kentucky. Just look for our Blue Moon Insurance sign atop our custom metal gate and follow the hanging flower pots down our new sidewalk to our door! We hope to see you soon.

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