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May 17, 2016
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I cannot remember a time in my life that I did not have a special canine companion. I have always been a dog person and always will be. My dogs are part of my family and their care is something I take very seriously. I am happy to say that my children have grown up to be responsible dog owners and have their own special companions.

A few weeks ago, while sitting on my front porch waiting for my Maltese puppy to “be a good girl” (in the interest of protecting my carpet), I noticed a hawk circling high in the sky. The dog, of course, was taking her sweet time. She was making an afternoon of it; smelling each blade of grass to make sure that no other animals had invaded her space.

Danger In The Sky

My attention bounced back and forth between the hawk and puppy. At first I watched the hawk because he was beautiful — but then I realized that his circles were getting tighter and lower and directly over where the puppy was sniffing the grass, oblivious.

I became concerned and stood up and began moving out in the yard so the hawk could see me, but the hawk was laser focused on (what he assumed) would be his next snack. He did not change his pattern until I finally started yelling and waving my arms.

The dog looked at me like she was sure I had lost my mind, after all, I was racing toward her, arms waving and being very noisy. I scooped her up and ran back to the safety of the house looking back at the hawk to make sure he had given up the idea of having my furbaby as a meal.

It Can Happen In an Instant

I never have left the puppy unattended outside, because she is so small, but it was a sobering reminder that disaster can literally come out of the sky and change our lives forever.

Protecting what is important to us takes thought and effort. That applies to our material possessions as well as family and pets.

I recommend my clients review their insurance policies annually to make sure that they have adequate coverage in case of those disasters that can impact any of us.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy should cover the Replacement Cost of the actual structure as well as the cost to replace your possessions (contents) inside the home.  If you had a total loss due to a fire or natural disaster today, would the check the Insurance Company writes you cover rebuilding and replacing your furnishings, clothing, electronics, linens, kitchenware, cookware and all the other incidentals that we use in our daily lives?

Review Your Current Insurance Annually

  • Do you have valuable antiques, jewelry, furs, silver or art that would not be covered because they exceed the value covered in your policy?
  • Do you have enough Liability Coverage?
  • You should also review the insurance coverage provided by your Automobile Policy.  Is your deductible too low?  Do you really need Collision Coverage on an older car?  Do you have enough Liability Coverage?
  • If you are a renter do you have a Renter’s Insurance Policy to cover the loss of your possessions if there is an issue?  The property owner’s policy only covers the dwelling and liability, not renter personal property.
  • If you own your home and have other assets I always recommend a Personal Umbrella (excess liability) policy to help protect those assets.  It is relatively inexpensive to purchase an additional $1 million in coverage.
  • Commercial Insurance policies should also be reviewed annually for the same reasons as Personal Insurance policies.

We Can Help You Check Your Current Coverage

Blue Moon Insurance represents excellent companies that are highly rated by J.D. Powers for customer satisfaction and are financially sound to enable them to pay claims on a timely basis. Contact us, we would be happy to help you review your coverages to help you answer the above questions and make sure you are protecting what is important to you and your family.

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