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Do you want to lower your potential liability at home? Start out in the yard! Keeping your property safe can reduce your liability and help you keep your family, friends, neighbors and visitors safe. Eliminating the following potential areas of liability will mean fewer claims and lower homeowners insurance premiums — and it’s easy!

Five Ways to Reduce Your Liability as a Homeowner

  • Maintain Trees – Cut back any dead branches. Remove any dead or damaged trees before they cause a problem during the next storm. You don’t want trees falling on your home, your buildings, your neighbor’s house, vehicles or people!
  • Trim Vegetation – Aside from keeping that “well-maintained” appearance, trimming vegetation will help prevent vision obstruction which can lead to accidents (vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.)
  • Building Exterior – Inspect siding/roofing for loose sections. This will protect the interior of your home from weather damage and will help minimize the likelihood that a storm could project a piece of your house elsewhere.
  • Walkways – To avoid slips, falls, twisted ankles and other accidents, maintain your walkways. Eliminate leaves, debris, children’s toys. Repair any uneven sections.
  • Pools, Trampolines, Hot Tubs – These are all attractive to children, who may not be able to use them safely. Protect yourself and others by ensuring that access to all of these yard extras is barred by a lock and that they have proper supervision when they are being used with permission.

Take a walking tour of your exterior once a month, with an eye toward potential liabilities. A few minutes of precaution could save a great deal of time, energy, money and regret in the future. If you have any questions about potential liabilities in your lawn or in any other areas of your home, contact us. We are here to answer your questions and help keep you safe!

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