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Alex's Heart Quilt

Alex's Heart



As much as I love warm weather and all the outdoor activities that our Kentucky seasons provide I really look forward to the rainy/grey days that come with winter.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Those yucky days that being outdoors isn’t possible provide the perfect opportunity for me to “visit” with my fabric stash and let my imagination take me away.  Even if you are only casually acquainted with someone who likes to quilt you are probably familiar with the term “stash.”  My stash contains fabrics that I have purchased over the past few years because I fell in love with them even though I didn’t have immediate plans, fabrics that are leftover from completed projects (I always buy waaaay more than I need, just in case), fabrics that were given to me by friends and family and I even have some fabric that I inherited from my dear mother-in-law.

Now she was a quilter — but today is not the day to discuss her amazing needle skills…

Quilting Weather

When the weather is right — like right now — I flip through my quilt books  and magazines to get in the mood. Then I begin the ritual… I stack my fabric by color family, get them all out on the floor (i.e. make a big ‘ol mess) and then I  start dreaming of spending my time immersed in the creative process of making new quilt tops — or maybe even finishing some of last winter’s unfinished projects. Those of you who are quilters understand, don’t you?

The Process of Quilting Preparation

This “visiting” process alone takes many hours, sometimes days of arranging, rearranging, adding to, taking away and just generally waiting for inspiration.  Sometimes I am only inspired to add more fabric to my already bulging closet for those vague ideas lurking in the back of my mind — but most of the time I find a pattern I like and start working toward the goal of creating something beautiful for someone I love.  Last year I managed to make quilted Christmas wall hangings for all three of our children and even learned a new (for me) technique.

Quilting has become my sanctuary from nasty winter weather.  It’s my way of being productive and it really makes time go much faster for me.

Quilting As Investment: Time and Money

Most of us don’t realize the financial investment we make in this type of hobby but it is worth considering. I am blessed to have two Bernina sewing machines.  One for sewing and one for making embroidery designs.  I was able to purchase my machines well below retail cost because they were used, but they still represent a significant investment.  If I had to replace them due to a covered loss it would be very difficult without the help of my Homeowner’s Insurance.

If you, like me, have these types of hobby investments, you can add items like sewing machines to your policy as scheduled personal property.  If your machines are recent purchases you’ll be able to value them at retail, if you have owned your machines for a while you will need to get an appraisal from your favorite quilting shop (that carries your brand) and use that value.

We all spend a lot of time thinking about protection in one form or another, make sure you include insurance protection in those thoughts. We offer insurance for your quilts. If you live in Boyle County, Casey County, Garrard County, Lincoln CountyMercer County or another location inside Kentucky and have a collection you would like to protect, talk to us about quilt insurance. If you have any other questions or need help determining how to keep your investments safe, call me!

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