Forget the faceless, nameless, big insurance boys, and come home to personal, face-to-face service. Blue Moon Insurance is family owned and operated, serving individuals, businesses and not-for-profits in central Kentucky. Located in Danville Kentucky, Blue Moon Insurance serves our neighbors in Boyle, Mercer, Lincoln, Garrard, and Casey Counties.

Owner/Agent Lynn Taylor Tye is a Danville native who works to provide the protection you need at prices you can afford. Insurance Agent Paden Tye is committed to providing personal, hometown service to each of his customers every day. Wouldn't you rather work with someone who knows the area, is able and willing to serve as your advocate, who helps you to find affordable coverage and who actually knows you? Call us at 859-236-2770 and bring your business home to Blue Moon Insurance.

Have Insurance Questions? We Have Answers!

1Should I Buy Collision Insurance if I Have an Older Car?
Buying collision insurance is a personal decision. Before deciding, consider the value of your care or the amount of loss (in the case of an accident) that you are willing and able to cover out of pocket.
2What is an "Umbrella" Insurance Policy?
An Umbrella Insurance policy provides liability coverage beyond the coverage offered by your other insurance policies. Umbrella insurance can offer additional coverage for your homeowners, automobile and/or business insurance. Extra protection offers you additional peace of mind.
3Do I Need to Get Insurance if I Rent?
Yes. If you are a renter, you still need insurance. Renter's Insurance will cover your personal belongings in a house, apartment, or mobile home owned by someone else.

What Our Clients Say...

  • Crystal McPherson, Executive Director
    Lynn is familiar with local non-profit organizations and knows how important it is for us to save money on administrative necessities, like insurance. She knows that every dollar we save means another dollar we can use to provide much-needed services to our clients -- and she saved us over $400 on our annual policy!
    Crystal McPherson, Executive Director
    Family Services Association of Boyle County, Inc.
  • Bernie H.
    Lynn and I worked together to obtain insurance coverage for the purchase of a building for a new business venture.  She understands the nuances of my new venture and helped define the exact coverage I needed. She worked diligently with the underwriters to make sure the premiums were reasonable.
    Bernie H.
    Danville, KY
  • John B.
    I  worked with Lynn on both my personal and business insurance policies.  She always provides excellent service and really listens to my concerns regarding coverage amounts and premiums.  At the end of the day, her efforts paid off for me because my premiums were reduced and I received the coverage I wanted and needed.
    John B.
    Danville, Kentucky
  • Angela A.
    I had been with my insurance company for over 32 years, and my auto insurance rates were going up each year without reason. When I requested a quote from you, you got me the same coverage for over $200 less per year! Thank you. Aside from the savings, your team has offered me exceptional service and quick replies to all my questions. I'm glad I found you.
    Angela A.
    Danville, KY

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