Motorcycles and Boats

Motorcycle and Boat Insurance in Danville, KY

Enjoying a sunny day on your motorcycle or your boat shouldn’t be clouded by worry. We can help you enjoy your leisure time more completely.

Whether you are on the wide open road or enjoying one of our local Kentucky lakes or even when you are far away, exploring and enjoying the high seas, we have you covered. Literally.

Do You Offer Kentucky Motorcycle Insurance?

Absolutely! Blue Moon Insurance agency offers motorcycle insurance to protect your bike and accessories. We also have you covered for:

  • Motorcycle Liability and Property Damage Policies
  • Motorcycle Roadside Assistance
  • Motorcycle Bodily Injury Protection
  • Motorcycle Medical Payment Policies
  • Theft and Vandalism Protection for Your Bike
  • Collision and Comprehensive Insurance Policies
  • Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage

So enjoy your time exploring Kentucky’s beautiful rolling hills and knobs… and beyond! Ride comfortably, we have you covered!

Do you cover ATVs and 4-Wheelers?

Yes, if you can ride it over land and through the woods in Kentucky, we have a policy to help protect you and protect your property. Call us for details!

Do You Offer Insurance to Cover Sailboats, Speed Boats, Fishing Boats, and Houseboats?

Yes! We cover them all. If it floats, we will help you protect it. Call us to discuss the particulars of your watercraft and we will have you covered and worry-free before your boat gets wet the first time.

Go ahead, enjoy your time on the water (whether you are on the water in the beautiful Bluegrass state or anyplace outside of Kentucky) — we will take care of keeping you protected,

Will You Cover My Jet Ski® or WaveRunner® Sea-Doo?®

Yes, we cover personal watercraft too. Give us a call for more information.

The Kentucky fishing and boating guide can be found here.