Protecting What’s Important

insurance to protect the whole family - even the fur babies!I cannot remember a time in my life that I did not have a special canine companion. I have always been a dog person and always will be. My dogs are part of my family and their care is something I take very seriously. I am happy to say that my children have grown up to be responsible dog owners and have their own special companions.

A few weeks ago, while sitting on my front porch waiting for my Maltese puppy to “be a good girl” (in the interest of protecting my carpet), I noticed a hawk circling high in the sky. The dog, of course, was taking her sweet time. She was making an afternoon of it; smelling each blade of grass to make sure that no other animals had invaded her space.

Danger In The Sky

My attention bounced back and forth between the hawk and puppy. At first I watched the hawk because he was beautiful — but then I realized that his circles were getting tighter and lower and directly over where the puppy was sniffing the grass, oblivious. [Read more…]

Spring and A New Look for Blue Moon Insurance!

Blue Moon Insurance Agency Sign in Boyle County, Kentucky

Our New Blue Moon Insurance Agency Sign

I love spring!  Let me repeat…..I LOVE SPRING!

It is a time of anticipation, awakening and new beginnings.  The birds start singing again, perennial flowers start to peek through the soil, the grass here in Kentucky turns the most beautiful shade of green imaginable and the sun shines more often than not.  It’s always a special joy for me to see the flowers, plants and trees we so carefully tended last year and put to bed for the winter start to grow and bloom again!

Last Spring was especially exciting and full of anticipation because the Blue Moon Insurance staff and I realized that we needed to move our business office to better serve our clients.  The obvious choice for the new location was the rear office in the building I already own — and it was only two doors down and still right here on Third Street, so we would still be centrally located and easy to find.  There were some issues and obstacles that we had to overcome before we could physically move but I guess that is part of the adventure!

The Antique Brick Sidewalk

Blue Moon Insurance Antique Brick Walkway

The walkway leading to the office was covered in antique brick, which was pretty but not particularly user-friendly. We wanted to make it easy (and safe!) for our clients to visit our office. So, the first order of business was finding a contractor to remove the brick and pour a new walkway.  That was easier said than done! [Read more…]

Lowering Liability on the Lawn

Avoiding Homeowners LiabilityDo you want to lower your potential liability at home? Start out in the yard! Keeping your property safe can reduce your liability and help you keep your family, friends, neighbors and visitors safe. Eliminating the following potential areas of liability will mean fewer claims and lower homeowners insurance premiums — and it’s easy!

Five Ways to Reduce Your Liability as a Homeowner

  • Maintain Trees – Cut back any dead branches. Remove any dead or damaged trees before they cause a problem during the next storm. You don’t want trees falling on your home, your buildings, your neighbor’s house, vehicles or people!
  • Trim Vegetation – Aside from keeping that “well-maintained” appearance, trimming vegetation will help prevent vision obstruction which can lead to accidents (vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.)
  • Building Exterior – Inspect siding/roofing for loose sections. This will protect the interior of your home from weather damage and will help minimize the likelihood that a storm could project a piece of your house elsewhere.
  • Walkways – To avoid slips, falls, twisted ankles and other accidents, maintain your walkways. Eliminate leaves, debris, children’s toys. Repair any uneven sections.
  • Pools, Trampolines, Hot Tubs – These are all attractive to children, who may not be able to use them safely. Protect yourself and others by ensuring that access to all of these yard extras is barred by a lock and that they have proper supervision when they are being used with permission.

Take a walking tour of your exterior once a month, with an eye toward potential liabilities. A few minutes of precaution could save a great deal of time, energy, money and regret in the future. If you have any questions about potential liabilities in your lawn or in any other areas of your home, contact us. We are here to answer your questions and help keep you safe!

It’s Quilting Time!

As much as I love warm weather and all the outdoor activities that our Kentucky seasons provide I really look forward to the rainy/grey days that come with winter.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Those yucky days that being outdoors isn’t possible provide the perfect opportunity for me to “visit” with my fabric stash and let my imagination take me away.  Even if you are only casually acquainted with someone who likes to quilt you are probably familiar with the term “stash.”  My stash contains fabrics that I have purchased over the past few years because I fell in love with them even though I didn’t have immediate plans, fabrics that are leftover from completed projects (I always buy waaaay more than I need, just in case), fabrics that were given to me by friends and family and I even have some fabric that I inherited from my dear mother-in-law.

Now she was a quilter — but today is not the day to discuss her amazing needle skills… [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day Means Bling — If You Are Lucky!

Harry Winston jewelryAnyone who has more than a passing acquaintance with me knows that one of my great passions is jewelry.  I’m not just talking about my own jewelry, but large, impressive pieces of jewelry that can only be created by craftsmen like Harry Winston and Cartier and are only seen in museums or heavily guarded stores.

I’ve never been shy about walking into a Harry Winston store, or Cartier’s for that matter, and asking to see the largest, most expensive pieces in the case.  I try them on, marvel over the size of the stones, wonder about their “story” but most especially I enjoy looking at the craftsmanship that it took to fabricate something so beautiful.

My First Visit To Harry Winston

The first visit I made to a Harry Winston store in California, was a memorable one.  My husband and I were waiting for our son to return from his first deployment as a United States Marine to Afghanistan and stopped at a mall to entertain ourselves while we waited.  I didn’t know anything about that particular mall so imagine my surprise when I rounded a corner and on one side was Harry Winston and on the other was Cartier.  I felt like Fred Sanford when I grabbed my heart and told my husband “this might be the big one honey!” [Read more…]

Insurance in Danville, Kentucky: A Changing of the Guard

Dave Demaree, insurance professional in Danville KY and wife, Dena, former owners.

Dave and Dena Demaree. Dave is a consulting agent for Blue Moon Insurance Agency and former owner of Durham and Demaree Insurance in Danville, Kentucky until 2014. Dena, Assistant Professor of Nursing, retired from Eastern Kentucky University in 2010.

Long-time insurance man, Dave Demaree, sold his business “Durham & Demaree Insurance Agency” on Third Street, in Danville to Lynn Taylor Tye on January 1, 2014. Although he’s ready to step away from his nearly 40-year career in insurance, he has agreed to serve as a consulting agent for commercial, personal, and life insurance for Tye’s newly re-named “Blue Moon Insurance Agency.”

I caught up with him this week to talk with him about the insurance industry, the sale of his business, and his own future plans. [Read more…]